Here's how we tripled traffic for a company in the sales and marketing, Leadiro, in six months.

Originally, they were at ~800 visits per month. After working together, they were seeing over 2,250+ organic visits per month and growing at a steady pace.

But, equally as important as driving traffic, the blog posts were helping drive new trial sign ups.

Starting Out

When we first started working together, they were seeing approximately 800 visits per month from organic search, according to Semrush.

They were relying on paid traffic to drive growth.

We came up with a content calendar that made sense for the company and started publishing 1-2 blog posts per week.

Six Month Milestone

After just six months of working together, they'd ~3X'd that number.

Now, they were at over 2,250 organic visits per month.

We were even surprised by how quickly the results kicked in, as they're in a competitive industry (B2B marketing).

Compounding Effects of Great Content

The awesome part about content marketing is that even when you stop, it keeps generating results.

We stopped publishing content for the brand several months ago (all good things come to an end) as they were working on new product launch and were diverting resources elsewhere.

Now, they're getting over 6,000 organic visits per month.

<aside> 🔥 627% growth in organic traffic


That's enabled them to scale up their paid acquisition efforts as well, and their SaaS is growing on autopilot.