Here's how we helped Ruler Analytics generate over $4000 worth of free traffic every month with a single blog post.

The Company

Ruler Analytics is a multi-touch attribution software to help marketing and sales get more insight into their leads and revenue sources.

Considering they're a marketing attribution tool, ranking #1 for "marketing attribution software" would be handy.

The Keyword

<aside> 🔑 Target keyword: Marketing Attribution Software


The goal was to create a post showing people the best options for their marketing attribution needs.

Now, Ruler Analytics could just bid on the keyword with paid ads (like their competitors are doing).

But, that's expensive.

If they want to rank at the top of page, they'd need to spend between £13.74 and £34.10 (~$45) per click (yes, for a single click).

Data from Google Keyword Planner

Data from Google Keyword Planner

And, if they ever turned off their ads, they'll no longer have a presence on that valuable keyword.

The Content

First, we started by checking out the competition.

That included G2 and Capterra.

We knew we had to improve upon the search results to outrank them, so we decided to break up the recommendations in the post into various sections: